Every person visiting Coastal Climbing has to fill out a waiver before they enter the climbing area. If you know that you are coming to visit you can fill one out online before your visit. No need to waste paper it will send an electronic version to our front desk. We require a valid state or military ID to verify your waiver once in the gym. Minors under the age of 18 require a parent or legally court appointed guardian to fill out their form. If the parent is not present in the facility during check in we require a phone verification with the parent. LINK TO LIABILITY WAIVER


Entry rates at Coastal Climbing allow for a full day of climbing. During your first visit our staff will give you a five minute safety video to watch prior to climbing at our facility. Check out our PRICES PAGE to learn more about our specific prices. Need some guidance? Consider taking a QUICK CLASS where one of our qualified instructors will get you started in the right direction.


You don’t need any prior experience to have a great time bouldering. All participants receive a gym orientation before they climb and we pride ourselves on having an open and inviting atmosphere and really friendly members. Coastal Climbing is open seven days a week. If you are nervous about your first time climbing or want some stellar instruction, consider booking a quick class online.


Coastal Climbing is a gym that focuses around climbing rather than treadmills and weights. Coastal Climbing is not a kids facility but rather a climbing training facility. This means that if your child is seriously interested in engaging in the sport of climbing then they are welcome as long as they are above the age of 5. Please note that minors 14 and under are required to be closely supervised while in the facility by an adult over the age of 18. We require a strict adult supervisor ratio of one supervisor per two children.Please come prepared to supervise your children while they engage in the sport of indoor climbing. *** If you fail to obey our rules and policies a staff member will ask you to leave without refund


We have designated parking in front of our building. If you are unable to find parking there is Free on-street parking is available along King and Race street. You also may be able to find spot behind our building on "I" and "H" streets.


A workout, a hobby, a sport: a lifestyle Bouldering is a discipline of climbing consisting of short and powerful sequences of kinesthetic movement. The climber is not roped, but rather protected by thick foam gymnastic mats. Bouldering is great for increasing strength and developing good climbing technique. A climber can burn up to 900 calories per hour while bouldering and having fun in a socially engaging atmosphere. The sport of bouldering helps improve your endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and precision.

At Coastal Climbing we have over 150 boulder problems of varying difficulties. Boulder problems are recreated frequently giving climbers an endless array of new challenges. For the sports enthusiast the amenities at Coastal Climbing can also help you add new spice to your sauce; as a new weekend activity or to help push you to your highest level. Bottom Line: Bouldering is a fun and social way to get into shape.


Good news: the best training for climbing is to climb. At first, your biggest gains will be more technical than physical. Your body composition and physical make up play a big role in climbing but ANYONE can enjoy climbing and become better. At a certain point, some climbers might want to take it up a notch and pursue some complementary training. At Coastal Climbing we are stocked with a variety of gym equipment designed specifically for climbing as well as overall body conditioning. Core and finger strength are both crucial in climbing. The majority of climbers tend to target these two aspects in parallel training sessions off the wall. Jogging, multi-joint exercises and antagonistic muscle exercises like YOGA will help to build strength, prevent injuries and help become a well-rounded athlete. Bottom line : Climbing is fun and the more you climb the better you get. Extra training or conditioning is NOT required but helpful to keep your body healthy.


Yes! Check our yoga section of this website for details Rates: Drop in - $10 per class w/ Member - $5 per class w/ Premium - Free Class Schedules are subject to change, check the yoga page for up to date schedule.