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Below are guidelines we are following to keep you safe and steps to follow to get in the facility and start climbing.


All of us here at Coastal Climbing want to thank you for the supportive emails and social media shout outs that we have received over the past few weeks. The kindness and encouragement of our community is what keeps us going during these difficult and unprecedented times.

Procedures we have put in place to keep you safe.

  • Masks: Customers must wear a mask at all times in the facility

  • Contact Tracing: If we do have a customer that has had a potential contact with the virus we will be using our state of the art check in system to contact trace and notify all customer of potential exposure to the virus.

  • We have ramped up our cleaning procedures. Between each session we have staff members wiping down all sitting areas and restrooms. At the end of the night we have a professional cleaning crew come in to clean the floors, wipe down all hard surfaces and sanitize.

  • We have limited the max occupancy of our facility well below CDC guidelines to %33 occupancy. In addition to this we have recently added more space to spread allow customers to spread out and have their own climbing space.

  • We have increased ventilation in the facility

  • We have eliminated the use of chalk rentals. Day visitors will need to purchase personal chalk


Sign up for a time slot using the online booking, same as before. We have 3 hour time slots that are available with 25 slots in total for our members to book at their discretion. All customers interested in signing up for a new membership or 10 climb pass may enter the facilities at any time.

10 Climb Pass:

If you have an existing 10 climb pass, sign up online to reserve your time slot here. If a 10 climb pass customer fails to show up for their allotted time slot the pass will still be deducted from their account. Please be sure to show up for your session. All customers interested in signing up for a new membership or 10 climb pass may enter the facilities at any time.

Day Visit:

Day visitors can be purchase a day pass with your time slot online. There will be 10 available online reservations for 2 hour sessions at the facility. Shoe rentals are included in the online price. Please be sure to book online. There will be 5 additional slots for walk in customers for an additional $5 fee. Be sure to plan your visit to save money and time. At the end of your time slot a staff member will inform you that your session is over.



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