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New Year New Gym

The Gym

As you’re all aware there’s been some big changes around here.  We recently added 70% more climbable space to Coastal! This allows for far more routes and the space needed to bring yoga back in house!  The new side features not one but THREE new ATPs or adjustable training platforms, giving us tens of thousands of new routes to climb while being able to adjust the incline of those routes from 10 to 70 degrees overhanging thanks to the Lemur Designs frames.  The new side also brings our Treadwall back to us so those of you looking to increase your climbing endurance once again have an opportunity to do just that. Additionally there is an updated workout area for all of your general fitness needs. A lot of hard work and sweat equity went into making this huge addition a reality for us so be sure to thank the staff when you see them!


Kilter Board

The Kilter Board is the first of the three new ATPs in the gym.  It differs from our original tension board in that it has more user friendly holds due to their texture and shape.  Additionally the lights go all the way around the holds making it far easier to see where to place your feet.

If you’re wondering what all the colors mean here is a quick guide:

Green: Starting hand holds, also footholds

Blue: Both handholds and footholds

Yellow: Footholds only

Purple: Finishing handhold

The Kilter Board is controlled by the “Kilter Board” App which is available for free wherever you buy your apps from.  Download the app and follow the steps:

-Allow it to access your Bluetooth when prompted

-Fill in your desired username, password and email

-Select “Kilter Board” wall model (the others should be locked anyway)

-Select “12 x 12 square” for the wall size

-Select “Yes” for if the wall is adjustable

-Put in the wall angle, which on the display of the black control box to the left of the board

-Select “Custom” layout

-Select “Kilter Board Standard” for the sub-layout

-Check both “Bolt Ons” and “Screw Ons” for the hold sets

-Type a name for the wall

-Click on the wall when the next screen comes up, there should be over 16,000 boulders noted next to it

-Use the search bar to pick a problem you would like to climb, then tap the lightbulb at the bottom of the screen to have that route projected up onto the wall

-You may be prompted to select a wall, if that screen appears just click on “Kilter Wall," after that you're all set to start climbing!!


Spray Wall

The brightly colored, centrally located ADP is Coastal’s new Spray Wall.  This is designed for members to be able to create their own routes and share them with friends via the “Stōkt” App. 

To get started climbing on the Spray Wall just go through the following instructions:

-Download the Stokt app from your app store

-Create an account by putting in your email, name, and desired password

-Set your picture! (or skip this step)

-Search Coastal Climbing and select our gym

-Choose to either climb one of the routes other coastal members have made or choose to create your own! The app is pretty straight forward from here on out, if you choose to follow someones route it will give you explicit instructions on which holds to use, start on, finish on etc. If you want to create your own route, the app will also guide you through some simple steps to do that as well! Enjoy!!


Tension Board

We have an updated tension board now as the last board in the row, with those traditional wooden holds continuing to provide a challenge to all those willing to give it a go.  However, now that the wall angle is adjustable, it’s training benefits will be applicable to a much wider range of skill levels opposed to when it was in the cave.  

The color coding for the Tension board is slightly different than that of the Kilter Board so be sure to observe these placement rules:

Green: Starting handholds

Purple: Starting footholds

Blue: Hand or Foot holds

Red: Finishing Handhold

The Tension Board is controlled by the “Tension Board” app, also available wherever you buy your apps.  Very similar to setting up the Kilter Board app, but with a few differences in the set up choices, follow the steps below to get climbing!

-Download the Tension Board app

-Allow for the app to use your Bluetooth when prompted

-Set up your account with your desired username, password and email

-Select “Tension Board” for the wall model

-Select “Full Wall” for the wall size

-Select “Yes” for if the wall is adjustable

-Select the current wall angle (available on the black control box to the left of the tension board)

-Select “Original Layout” for hold layout

-Check all of the sets (A, B, C, and Foot Set) for the hold sets

-Choose a name for the wall

-Click on the wall and search out a problem to climb

-Just like on the Kilter Board click the lightbulb icon to have your route put up, a screen might pop up that says “scanning for walls” if it does just select “tension board” on that screen, then you'll be all set to get going!



Do you want to put your endurance to the test? The Treadwall is an amazing piece of equipment used to do just that. Build your endurance to help you send those longer routes or boulder problems.  Located towards the back of the new side of the gym, it's incredibly easy to use, just set your desired speed on the lever to the right and start climbing!  It helps to start with your feet a little above the bottom because once it starts moving those bottom holds will disappear rather quickly. Near the difficulty lever there is a screen that provides you with a readout of the distance climbed and time spent climbing.



All these app controlled boards are incredibly exciting because they give us the opportunity to host climbing competitions with other gyms without having to have actually go there, they can take place entirely through the apps!  But more on that later :)

Happy Climbing

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