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Welcome to the BOULD3R BLOG


We would like to humbly introduce you to our new publication, the BOULD3R BlOG, your source for all things happening with our beloved gym, the greater climbing community as a whole and anything else deemed relevant or entertaining that could provide you with some value.  This blog will be a causal place on the interwebs for Coastal Climbing to share ideas and insights with its members that will benefit us all and help us become better climbers.

What to Expect from Upcoming Publications

Unlike our previous attempt at a news letter, the Bould3er Blog won’t have a set format as the most exciting stuff we can share with you will change but here is what we hope to focus on.

Climbing Content

Workout and Recovery Tips

Member Highlights

Trip and Event Posting Board

New Products

Climbing Terms & Historical info

GYM News and Events

Lots more

Check in regularly as we will be updating content every few weeks.

Happy Climbing!

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