If you are looking to tune up your climbing game, push through a plateau, or get ready for a specific event then we recommend signing up for one of our training programs. Our personal training programs will assess your current weaknesses and provide you with a plan to get to the next level. We have specific plans tailored to help you meet your goals and the perfect space to achieve them in.


At Coastal Climbing we have 4  ATP's (Adjustable Training Platforms) members can use to train fully develop their climbing aptitude. These are state of the art devices will allow the development of the three areas of climbing training; power, technique, and endurance.

Climbers can adjust both the angle of the wall and the desired climb to create endless variations.

Group Classes:


SendFIT is a HIIT-inspired class is designed to work all things climbing, from technique to power to endurance- improve and polish your skills in just one hour each week!


Using a variety of body weight and weighted exercises combined with time spent on the climbing wall, SendFit is sure to get you in shape to climb your hardest. Each month will feature new workouts to keep you feeling psyched, while also pushing you to your limit. 



DURATION: 60 min

COST: $10/ drop in

           Free to all members


LEVEL: *Participants should be able to confidently climb V1.

WHEN: Thursday @ 5:00pm

WHAT TO BRING: Climbing shoes (rentals available) and comfortable athletic clothing.

Kilter Board

Kilter Board

A massive adjustable training platform that allows climbers to light up countless climbs of varying difficulties through the use of an app. (Use of Kilter Board App)

Tension Board

Tension Board

A systematic adjustable training platform with wood climbing holds that allows climbers to hone in on weaknesses on either side of their body. (USE Tension Board App)

Spray Wall

Spray Wall

An adjustable training platform that is specific to Coastal Climbing. Holds fill this wall so climbers in the gym can share climbs they make up with others in the gym. (USE Stoked Climbing App)



A treadmill climbing wall is the most concentrated endurance training tool out there. Climb for thousands of feet safely and build your lactic acid tolerance.

Personal Training:

GENERAL: Looking to take your climbing or fitness to the next level from an expert instructor? No matter what you are looking to learn or improve our instructor will be there to help you out.

SINGLE SESSION: Not sure what you are looking for? Book a single session to improve your overall fitness.

PACKAGES: Specifically tailor your training to meet your individual goals. Book a minimum of 5 sessions and receive a consultation with your instructor who will get you working towards massive personal achievement. 

DURATION: Each session is 60 minutes long

COST: $80 single session ($50 for members)