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  • All climbers and observers must check in at the front desk before proceeding to the padded climbing areas or fitness rooms.

  • All climbers, course participants, and individuals operating a safety system at Coastal Climbing must sign a release of liability form. Minors bringing a waiver signed by a parent or court appointed guardian must also bring a copy of the signer’s driver’s license or verify the guardianship and waiver over the phone.

  • Climbing is inherently dangerous. Participants must assume the risks of climbing including but not limited to loose, spinning or broken holds; ground falls; falls that may result in injury; injuries can be severe, etc.

  • All persons using Coastal Climbing are expected to respect other individuals in the Center and conduct themselves in good order. Any person deemed by the Management to be behaving in an unsafe or disorderly manner will be asked to leave the facility.

  • Coastal Climbing reserves the right to refuse membership at our own discretion. Failure to comply with the rules may result in termination of membership and permanent expulsion from the gym.

  • Aggressive, abusive or rude behavior toward Members or Staff will result in immediate expulsion from the gym and may also be reported to the Police.

  • Climbers must understand the purpose and limitations of padded flooring. Flooring does not guarantee safety. It is the responsibility of the climber to position supplemental pads as needed.

  • Keep your eyes open! Participants must be aware of their surroundings when in the climbing area. Climbers are responsible for clearing landing areas. We encourage experienced climbers to help novice climbers.

  • Coastal Climbing recommends using spotters at all times. Climbers are responsible for appointing their own spotters.

  • Participants should always assess their comfort level in spotting another climber, or in being spotted. No one is ever obligated to spot.

  • No climbing, walking, or sitting under other climbers.

  • All falls are ground falls. Participants are responsible for down climbing or using proper falling techniques when coming off the climbing wall.

  • All broken or bloody skin must be covered with tape at all times while climbing. No exceptions!

  • Grabbing hold of any lighting fixtures or structural members of the building or climbing wall is prohibited at Coastal Climbing.

  • Climbing shoes must be worn while climbing. No barefoot climbing, open-toed sandals, hiking boots or hard soled shoes are allowed.

  • Remove all jewelry, watches, keys, etc. These objects can cause injury and break, they are also bad for the crash pads!

  • Seek instruction when unsure of ability or understanding of equipment.


Youth Climbers:


  • In the interest of safety, youth under the age of 14 must either have adult supervision (18 years or older) or be a participant in a coastal climbing program. Children under 5 are not permitted in the padded climbing or fitness area. 

  • All climbers under the age of 14 must be supervised at all times while climbing.

  • Coastal Climbing does not recommend youth under the age of 14 climbing higher than their spotter can reach.


Fitness Room Rules and Regulations:


  • Must be a Coastal Climbing member to use the fitness room.

  • Must be 14 years or older to use the fitness room.

  • Do not drop weights on the floor.

  • Please wipe down fitness equipment after use.

  • 30 minute time limit on cardio equipment if people are waiting.

  • Be respectful to other people using the fitness room.

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